Earl Chadwick (E.C.) Montmorency


Height: 5’ 11"
Weight: 172
Eyes: Blue
Hair: light brown with a heavy presence of gray

A man in his early forties of average size; he has a worn and often weary appearance, his neatly clipped hair is gray beyond his years as is the constant stubble of facial hair upon his jaw.
EC exudes intelligence, his eyes move about, often giving flashes of emotion or reaction to the thoughts constantly going through his head. He is a good looking man, and though he was only 41 when embraced, his years of rough living and his prematurely graying hair make him seem a fit and dashing man closer to fifty than forty.
His clothing is always of the finest quality – fashionably trendy and impressive. He dresses and behaves like a member of the old English gentry, seemingly well bred and highly educated. His voice drips affluence and wealth and it is highly likely that his heritage can be traced to the old world aristocracy; such high-born breeding seems to cling to him still, and he has been known to speak his opinions rather bluntly when he might be better served to keep quiet. He seems to feel he is at least the equal of any man, woman or kindred he shares a room with.


Kenji Oka – For three years now Kenji has served as bodyguard and driver. His sharp eyes and rapid reactions have defused several potential confrontations over the years.

Corrine Olander – Corrine (or Correy) works a fashion blog; she covers many of the larger fashion shows on the west coast and in Japan. She ended a budding modelling career to live a more normal life, and now just dabbles in the fashion world with the hopes that she will one day design her own clothing line. She is allowed to maintain her life while still assisting with the purchase of clothing, the movement and investing of finances and the usage of her many contacts to outfit, tailor and groom Mr. Montmerency and his retainer, Oka-san

Earl Chadwick (E.C.) Montmorency

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